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Optimize sound output on Headphone jack


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The next phone I'm planning on buying is the ROG phone 8, which luckily has a headphone jack that supports hi-res audio to 32bit 384khz. I'm just waiting until it releases on the US.

I've never used Poweramp on a phone with a headphone jack, my current one is a Oneplus 8T that luckily has analog audio out of the USB port.

How do I optimize the playback on the 3.5mm jack? Can I get bit-perfect audio out of the jack?

My personal collection consists on mostly 16 to 24 bit FLACs with sample rates of 44khz, 88khz and 96khz.

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Poweramp does not have an option to force Output rates to follow source content. You'd need to select a rate high enough for the highest resolution files you have, and then any lower content will be upsampled. Not all Android ROMs fully support high-res though, I don't know about your particular device.

There is a Feature Request for output-follows-source for external DACs, but that may not work for 3.5mm headphone jacks. You can vote for it here:


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