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Poweramp turkish character problem

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Lrc formatı Türkçe karakterler desteklemiyor

Windows-1254, Microsoft Windows altında Türkçe karakterler belirtilmek için kullanılan ISO 8859-9 uyumlu bir karakter setidir.

Windows-1254 etiketi eklenmelidir 

Aşağıya lrc ücretlerini ve müziklerini bırakıyorum, eklerseniz sevinirim.

110 - Neşet Ertaş - Yalan Dünya.lrc

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LRC data should be saved as Unicode (UTF-8) to avoid precisely the issues you describe. 7-bit ASCII will work fine too, but any content in the extended 128>255 range is never guaranteed to be processed using any specific code page by applications.

If UTF-8 is not used, Poweramp's Tag Encoding setting would be used (PA Settings=>Library=>Scanner=>Tag Encoding) but that only provides a basic set of choices - otherwise the full list could be hundreds of lines long, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_page.

I assume this is how you want the content of that LRC file to be displayed?



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