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1. 强烈请求通过“单曲循环”、“最常播放”等的播放计入播放次数,因为我想知道自己真实的播放每首歌的次数。如果你认为这样不符合你的逻辑,那么请加入“单曲循环计入播放次数”、“最常播放计入播放次数”等开关;

2. Poweramp现在使用的中文排序方式已经落后,目前流行的是拼音Unicode排序,希望能尽快更新为新的拼音Unicode排序方式。


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1) Multiple repeat plays of the same song are not currently counted as extra in the Play Count, as this is effectively just going back to the start of the same song again. But I agree it would probably be preferable to change this functionality - i.e. a new "play count" ought to be triggered by any uninterrupted playback for at least the threshold timespan (e.g. 50% of total track duration) regardless of whether you move on to another track afterwards, or if you stop at the end.

2) There is an existing Feature Request for adding new sorting modes, including Pinyin. You can vote for it here once your site membership status allows (but be warned that it's pretty low down in the priority order so far):


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