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Reinstalling from old phone

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Hi, my old phone recently died- it's still working, but the power button fell out a while ago and I think I've ruined the mechanism (it ran out of power last week and I can't switch it back on). I bought the Poweramp app in 2020 on the Google Play app and paid with Paypal, I've downloaded PA to my new phone but can't see a way to enter registration details (my old phone still shows up on the windows version of Play, so not sure if I can delete it there). Thanks, Matt

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As long as you are using the same Google account as before, you should be able to go to the Play Store install the Poweramp Trial Version, and then install the Unlocker app.

If you bought directly from the website, install the APK version downloaded from here (not Play Store version) and then use the Already Purchased? option in the Settings menu.


By the way, to reboot your old phone try holding the Vol+ and Vol- keys at the same time, then plug in the charger cable. Keep the buttons held until device starts to boot.


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