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Album cover / artwork mixed when same album title

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Hello everyone,

I have a huge music collection and sometimes the title of an album is the same for different artists.

if this is the case the Power Amp app mixed the album cover artwork (images). Therefore the wrong cover images is shown up for different artists.

This usually happens if the title of the album is the same.

For example:

Artist: Life Of Agony and Album: „Ugly“

Artist: Wargasm and Album: „Ugly“

The Power Amp app shows the wrong cover artwork for the Band Wargasm which is actually the cover artwork by Life Of Agony.

Could you please fix that issue as soon as possible.

I would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.

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Make sure you have the Album Artist tags set correctly, they need to be the same for every track within one album.

It's not sufficient to just set the Track Artist tag as that can vary across the tracks in one album (for collections, duet songs, songs featuring collaborations, etc).


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