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Playlist Strange Behaviour


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I don't know if this is a Poweramp issue, but it is the second time that I run into this situation.

So basically it's the Playlists that I had sorted out, somehow just got messy by itself (Well, since I'm not doing anything about it, not in PA and not in file explorer), the first time I saw this went wrong when I got up in the morning, I thought it might be something I did when I almost slept, but this time it happened just right after I took a shower, I didn't even turn PA off in the background (Normally I turn PA on for a whole day).

But both time I noticed that the file in the Playlist is not only got meesy, it also changed the files I put into, some of them was not there in the first place, some of them missing after that, and some of them even became undetected.Screenshot_2023-12-16-22-28-05-299_com.maxmpz.audioplayer.thumb.jpg.b09a1f76f74378c59687ab4e04b7b450.jpg

So it's really strange, first time happened in 976, this time is 979, and I'm currently using Redmi Note 11 Pro based on Android 13, but I haven't got any system updates for at least half a year.

A new sorting option like Artists/Albums/ Track Numbers could be really helpful, I always spend lots of time on sorting music like this for a best listening experience, especially when listen to symphonies.



Well, getting interesting now, I tried to rescan the files in PA, then my playlist just back to normal, exactly what it looks like before.Screenshot_2023-12-16-22-54-07-151_com.maxmpz.audioplayer.thumb.jpg.f1153868191ddaf27836adb3bcfd3158.jpg

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12 hours ago, andrewilley said:

Probably something got renamed or unmounted in your file system (a master folder perhaps?) so the audio files that PA was expecting to find were no longer in those locarions, requiring a Rescan/Resolve Playlists to find their new locations.


I guess so, but so lucky to find a solution just right after I posted this. Maybe remove this thread to another area? 

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