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Songs from a particular album skipped in the queue


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Hi, I have this issue - I have a bunch of albums on my phone and play all songs on shuffle. But songs from a particular album are not played, even though they show up in the queue. I can play that album if I select it manually though. 

I've tried deleting the folders and copying them again but it didn't help. What could be the issue here? 

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When you say they are in the Queue, is it possible you copied or renamed the folder after the songs were added to the Queue? Both the Queue and Playlists refer to specific filenames in specific folders, and if a file is no longer present in that location, it won't play from the Queue or a Playlist.

Also try a Full Rescan, in Settings=>Library, in case you have some old folder contents still present for some reason.


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Hey Andre, thanks for the response. I just now tried to replicate the problem before doing the full rescan to test, but now all of a sudden the songs played! I'm positive I didn't change file paths in any way, so I'm not sure what the issue was, but I guess you can delete this thread as the issue solved itself. I'll make sure to do a full rescan every time I copy new files to avoid this in the future. 

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