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Misbehaving Physical Buttons on Hiby R6 III


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Hello! I'm a new Hiby R6 III owner, trying to use Poweramp, and I'm having some trouble with the media buttons. If I press pause and then again to play, PA appears to continue playing but the seconds count in about half-second intervals. Whether in working or wonky mode, the next track button goes to the next track but also counts quickly. Either way, I hear silence. If I use the on-screen controls to pause, wait ~4 seconds, then play again, I can get my sound back. Sooner than that, and it's still in double-speed silent mode.

I tried some advice found elsewhere about (1) disabling the Hiby Music app, and (2) disabling Poweramp's Direct Volume Control (DVC). Neither seemed to help an iota.

I'd love to use Poweramp on this device, if I can get these sweet physical buttons working. Thanks so much for any advice on this one!

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Oh snap, my player decided to update the firmware again today, this time to 1.31. I had thought it would have been the latest when it updated the other day, but maybe not.

Anyway, the problem disappeared!

Thanks & sorry for the noise. <3

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