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Transferring Power amp to new Device with Data


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Hello , 

I am considering changing my old Samsung S10 cell to a more recent one....

my question would be if during the transfer of device the " music rating", "the playlists folders", "the music info tag" and "music albums arts " will also be transferred adequately.... ?

I have 4000 music and they are all classified one by one with their folders, art and ratings... I really want to start again.....

the other question would be :  , if I save the 4000 songs on an SD memory, and I install the SD card on the new cell phone, will everything be transferred?  ( music rating", "the playlists folders", "the music info tag" and "music albums arts ")

I wanted to find the least complicated way to eliminate the risk of losing my music during a transfer....

Thank you!



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You just need to do a Settings=>Export Settings/Data, then copy the resulting backup over to your new device, and do a corresponding Settings=>Import Settings/Data. You can tick to choose which specific types of data you want to backup/restore, or just select everything.

It's best to run the import process after you have done the basic app installation and selected your desired 'Music Folder' location on your swapped SD Card. Note: the backup process will not copy the actual audio files, you need to do that yourself - for example by simply swapping the SD Card over, if your new phone is high enough spec to support SD Cards - as otherwise the backup file would be huge! 


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As long as you copy the backup file to somewhere, and then copy it over to the new device, it doesn't really matter where. But if you're already moving your music files over by swapping the SD Card to the new device anyway, that seemed the easiest place to put the backup file too.


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