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Remove Categories -- All I Use is "All Songs" & "Recently Added"...

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I just re-installed Poweramp (paid version) on my third phone today - my second turned to a brick yesterday.  Love the app and as stated in subject line, I like things to be very simple: All and Recently.  I can't figure out how to remove all of the others (Years, Composer, Playlists, etc.).  I tried using The Library Settings but no drop-down or whatever mode to choose only the two I need.

I don't need the other categories because I use Poweramp to test and play compositions I create in my DAW.   And of course play songs by others that I purchase - no need for streaming sites or ratings and so on.  Yeah, I'm old fashioned (and old, too - 68 - but not a total tech newbie - online since 1997 and built my last 4 Windows computers for audio/DAW and video/NLE noodlin' 😎 ).


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In the top Library View, tap the menu icon (three-dots) and select List Options. Untick the categories that you wish to hide. If you'd prefer the Library button to go straight to one of those categories rather than seeing the list first, long-press on it to set that feature.


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