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PlayerPro 0 - PowerAmp 1


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Swapped my iPod Touch 32gig 4G at Christmas for an LG Optimus P500 (budget buy ay NZ$180.00) and am really well impressed with the phone's features and performance - particularly compared with the able performance of the iPod.

Well, it didn't take long to find that the packaged music player - whilst OK, really didn't cut it for regular use. So the search began.

Finally settled on PlayerPro, principally based upon reviews on the Android related forums etc.. Initial experience was good, VERY good. I purchased and began using it, very slick UI, excellent artwork handling, great Equalizer and graphic equalizer, useful assortment of skins, HANG ON! What the heck happened there?

Pink Floyd's The Wall listening experience was totally ruined by the horrible 'choppy' inter track handling. Searched and searched in vain for a setting to give me gapless playback - no sign. Went to the developers website and checked out the Forum. Users had been requesting this very 'feature' for over a year!

Bought Poweramp yesterday and listened to The Wall in bed as I dropped off - fabulous!

PA may not be so graphically slick as PP, but it sure as heck makes up for it with quality of sound reproduction and true gapless playback.

Well done! :D

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