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Im using oneplus buds pro2 -40khz(Hires), Spatial Audio , Head Tracking & fixed supports, dolby atmos & my device is Oneplus 9R -9R does not support spatial audio, it support only Dolby Atmos & Hires Audio, so could you please help us to enjoy spatial audio in 1+9R  also provide us surround features like 5.1/7.1/9.1 & 360 audio supported features! 

ive been using Poweramp more than 9years and i think that Poweramp team can do anything🤘 hope you understand! thank you! Reply!

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Poweramp processes all audio as stereo PCM, so multi-speaker output systems are not really possible without creating a fake DSP image. Stereo Expand is offered in the Equaliser pages, but I'm guessing it would be hard to implement Google's (Android 13+) head tracking spatial audio system without a proper multi-channel surround source. And PA is more targeted to high-quality authentic music reproduction rather than adding gimmicks which are only available on a very limited set of devices.


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