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Album Cover Problem


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Here's the problem:

I have about 3500 12inch songs in my music library and had painstakingly searched out the matching covers for them with the Poweramp Album Search and saved them in Poweramp.
All songs were stored on a micro SD card, which was in an Amazon Fire tablet and played by Poweramp. 
Then I bought a new Xiaomi tablet and saved all the songs from the SD card to my notebook, because the Xiaomi had a different formatting of the SD card.
SD card formatted and set up in the Xiaomi, then from the notebook.
back to the SD card and bang all the covers were gone.
Weeks of work for nothing, what did I do wrong?



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Poweramp does not embed images into the separate physical audio files (due to historical potential corruption issues) but instead keeps them safely in a local artwork cache folder on your device.

You can either copy the folder's contents manually to the matching folder on your new device, or use Settings=>Export Settings/Data in the old installation of Poweramp and make sure you tick to backup cover artwork too (basically just backup everything). Then you can import that backed-up file on your new device.   


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