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Shuffle all songs by one Artist

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Hello all, I was wondering if there was a way to shuffle all songs by a single artist. I selected the Artist that I wanted to listen to and pressed the shuffle icon but it just chooses a random album and just plays the songs from that one album before repeating the same ones again.



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When you are viewing a list of all the albums by one artist, the Shuffle icon will shuffle what is currently on the screen - i.e. the albums - randomly. Make sure you have the Player Screen's Repeat mode set to 'Advance Category', rather than 'Repeat Catgeory', otherwise just the one album will be repeatedly shuffled.

However if you instead tap the 'All Artist Songs' link at the top of the category list, which will display all of their songs in one long list, then the Shuffle icon will shuffle through that whole list of songs randomly. Note: if you never want to shuffle by sub-albums first, you can bypass that extra tap by changing the option in Settings=>Library=>Shuffle=>Category Items Shuffle. That will affect all of the Library Categories (except Folders Heirarchy which has its own control)


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Sort of piggybacking on this topic, is there a way to do this with voice commands? I'm using this app for Android Auto and whenever I ask to play a certain artist it plays every album in order rather than be shuffled. If the "shuffle categories" option is on, it turn off as soon as I use a voice command. 

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