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Help with scanning music files


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I dont understand why Poweramp makes it so complicated to scan my music files when no other music player does this.. all of my music is in the "download" folder but Poweramp says i cant use that folder due to privacy reasons.. what is the point of having the app be a music player if i cant play and listen to my music? Can somebody help me with this issue?

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It's Android that now says you can't use their 'Download' system folder for regular app storage access, not Poweramp. Other apps may struggle too as they gradually get required to update to the latest SDK levels.

File Access Legacy Mode may help while it still works, but I would be much better long-term to use the system folder structure as it's intended, in case Android cracks down any further on this in future releases. Either create your own audio folder (which is what I do) or use the system 'Music' folder, to which media players are allowed access.


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As an android user my music gets downloaded automatically to the download folder.. i also cant turn on file legacy mode and when i try to download the apk version from the site it does nothing... should i just move all of my music to another folder?

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Legacy File Access Mode cannot be enabled for Play Store installed versions of Poweramp (again, following Google's rules about file access) although that mode is available from the website-downloaded version.

On 6/15/2023 at 11:15 PM, maxmp said:

Build 965:

  • Target SDK updated to 33 due to the Google Play requirements. This causes the following changes, restrictions, and requirements:

    Play edition:
    • File Access Legacy Mode option is not supported anymore on Android 13+. The support is removed by Google.
      Please use Music Folders dialog to enable/add appropriate folders with the music to Poweramp Library
      Android doesn't allow certain folders to be added this way, including /Downloads or storage root. This limitation is set by Google. Please try adding their subfolders instead

    Website (-uni-) edition:
    • File Access Legacy Mode option now requires All Files Access permission on Android 13+
      All Files Access permission also makes more file types (previously invisible in File Access Legacy Mode) available for Poweramp, such as .CUE files

Note: At the moment Google denied All Files Access permission for Poweramp for the 963-965 builds, but, as access to the files is a core functionality of local player, I'll try to continue with requesting this a bit later, as it takes weeks to get Play team response.


To future-proof yourself, you would probably be better using the 'Download' folder for transient downloads only, and keep your music library elsewhere. I prefer using a folder I set up myself, then I know Google isn't going to try to mess around with it later. Note: You may be able to grant access to a subfolder of Download, even with Android's recommended Storage Access Framework.


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