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Volume Levelling Feature

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I'm not sure if this feature has already been requested under a different name, but I'm looking for a "volume leveling" feature that would keep songs in the same general volume range when played back in a playlist. This way, when listening to music on my android smartphone, the volume would be relatively consistent from song to song. I can't tell you how many times I play music (from mp3s I ripped and uploaded to the device itself) and the volume of each is all over the place. I haven't been able find this feature (so far) in any current app for any smartphone, so this would be a real "coup" for Poweramp to get his added. (Quite frankly, I'm surprised this issue isn't at the top of the request heap!)

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There is a already an audio feature called Replay Gain which can do this. It's not an "on the fly" Normalise (or AGC/Automatic Gain Control) system though, it requires the audio file to already contain an embedded helped tag declaring the maximum peak volume that exists within the audio content. That value is used to adjust the overall track gain so so that its peak point is set to the same level as other songs; usually that mean lowering the volume in most cases (to allow for processing headroom in maximum-level recordings) but it is adjustable.

Some ripping software will add RG tags automatically, or you can do it as a simple batch process on all your files using a program like foobar2000 on your computer.


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