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Seek behavior / Bluetooth buttons

Yoav Farkash

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With Spotify, I am able to use my integrated car wheel back/forward buttons (connected via bluetooth to my Android phone) to seek +-15 seconds back/forward when playing podcasts. When playing songs, the same buttons are used to skip tracks instead of seek.

1. I would like to have the same behavior with Poweramp (e.g. when a track is longer than 10 mins, the buttons should be used for seek, otherwise - for skipping tracks). It is currently not possible to do with Poweramp, also buttons 1,2 behavior cannot be customized.

2. I would like to be able to adjust the seek from 10 seconds to an adjustable value (e.g. 30 seconds or 15 seconds)

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The steering wheel buttons in cars generate Android button events, which Poweramp responds to in the appropriate way, for example:


You can see the events that have been generated by your device by checking PA Settings=>Headset/Bluetooth=>Last Processed Commands. For each event, you should see a BUTTON_DOWN followed very quickly by a BUTTON_UP as you release the button.

Poweramp can also respond to other ways that those buttons may be used, for example double-tapping on '+' or '-' will result in a Category change rather than just a Track change, and long-pressing on them will result in Fast-Forward or Rewind (which go faster the longer you hold down the button).

If you are using Android Auto, you can re-configure the extra on-screen buttons to provide different options such as the +10sec or -10sec commands (which will also take effect for media player notification in the Android statusbar).


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1. My integrated car bluetooth functionality does not support Android Auto.
Please confirm that the "Spotify behavior" is impossible with Poweramp for my case.
[ Spotify behavior = Steering wheel buttons are used to seek +-10 secs, instead of skipping tracks. ]

2. Is my understanding true that adjusting the seek length value from 10 secs to a different value is impossible with Poweramp as well?

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