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Bug in sort by filename

Pedro Garcia

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name my music files numerically so they are displayed in a specific order, and in Powermaq the list option is in "file name", name the files as follows
01 track name.flac
02 track name.flac
When you reach 10, 11 does not follow, but 100 and then 101, in my file manager it follows the desired sequence in Poweramp, no






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I found a provisional solution 

It seems that if you have libraries <=999 songs, you need to name the files this way 

001 , So that when it reaches 100 don't do a reboot


If you name 1, 2, 3..... When you reach 10 the sequence does not follow

1000 songs, you must name the first one like 0001 to avoid problems when going from 99 to 100 




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That is correct, filename sorting is processed strictly as alphanumeric strings, sorted character by character. So in the same was that AAA comes before BB, 111 comes before 22.

The fix is to use as many leading zero digits are you need to make the numbers the same length. In most cases for track numbering, just one zero is sufficient (forcing "01" to come before "20") which is what most ripping/renaming software does when naming files, but if you have a lot of tracks you may need to use "001", "002", 021", "022", "121", etc. 

There is a Feature Request to optionally provide "smart" sorting for alphanumeric strings, but that has not been implemented as yet.  


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