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Abok Obilo

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 I recently bought the Poweramp app & I have to say it's the best in the world & beyond

I have a few suggestions for improvement
1) create an option for increasing the crossfade duration
2) kindly include more free skins in the app
3) please place the cover art at the center and not north
4) enable full-screen player for the lockscreen in Android 9
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1) There are already some suggestions for updates to the Crossfade option in the Frequently Requested Features list. Hopefully some of them will make it into the app sometime in the future.

2) The default skins are a simple choice of dark or light layout, they are not intended to be an exhaustive selection. If you want more options, please try some of the Third Party skins.

3) That is already skinable. I'm assuming you mean you want to see the artwork shown in the middle of the screen, with controls/info/etc shown above and below it?

4) Dependent on whether the Android ROM supports it, you can enable PA Settings=>Lock Screen=>Show On Lock Screen (if available, this may require extra permissions to be set).


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