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Switching tracks from another headset

Alexander S.

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Hey, folks.

Before the system update I could listen to the music with my phone connected via cable to a car's audio AUX and at the same time I could switch tracks with the buttons on my BT headset. But now I can't use this buttons in that manner any more :( They switch tracks while I'm listening to the music trough that headset but as soon as I connect the phone via wired jack - they stop and I have to reach to the phone on a dashboard.. wich is sometimes very problematic to do :( 

Can anyone tell me maybe there's s way to make Poweramp ALWAYS respond to ALL the buttons no matter what is currently used for an output?

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I suspect that functionality may not have been intended in the first place - possibly commands should only be recognised from the currently active A2DP output device or from a non-playing AVCTP controller - but Max would be able to say more. Recent changes have tightened up output detection so incorrect BT devices were not detected and uses for assigning profiles etc, so it could be an offshoot of that code change? 


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