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I think Poweramp should have an account to backup music from there...each time i change my device i have to copy my songs from pc or laptop....acount backup should be included in Poweramp....it will upload our songs automatically and backup song and settings and album art e.t.c.

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There has been some talk of doing this, but with large libraries the process would be very unwieldy. Better to swap the SD Card over from one device to the other (if they both support SD Cards). Or as you say re-copy your master copies from a PC via USB cable.

There are methods to copy data directly between phones, such as Samsung's SmartSwitch which can do it all for you, or Wi-Fi Direct (in the Wi-Fi settings on most Android devices) which can be used to transfer selected files, but that's rather beyond the scope of this forum. You could also use temporarily use Dropbox or Google Drive if you have sufficient spare storage space. 

Everything apart from the large audio files can be backed up and restored using PA Settings=>Export Settings/Data and PA Settings=>Import Settings/Data. The backup file should be small enough to copy easily between devices, although it can get a bit bigger if you have a lot of downloaded cover art.


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