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Gapless albums playback

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What is the best combination of settings to ensure gapless playback of albums where the tracks should (and do on CD) playback without any pause/silence/click between them?

I currently have mine set to:

Auto-advance fading: No fading

Manual track change fading: Short Crossfade

Preload gapless tracks: none

Silence between tracks: 0ms

Crossfade length: 5000ms

Short manual crossfade length: 400ms

But listening to Abbey Road, where the second half of the album is a gapless medley, there was a noticeable split-second click or pause between the tracks.

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Gapless will only work if your MP3/etc files are encoded with the right helper information. Otherwise the nature of packet-based encoding may mean there could be a slight inconsistency at the beginning or end of the audio data. You can check this in the Info/Tags display from the Player Screen menu:


I would also suggest increasing the preload period (in Settings=>Audio=>Crossfade/Fade/Gapless) to allow the start of the second file to be read from storage before the first one finishes.


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