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Manually adding lyrics to music

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Hi I am using Poweramp beta,Recently I started paying attention to the lyrics feature on Poweramp,After I tried, it turned out that not all lyrics could be detected by Poweramp automatically. I hope the Poweramp devs will add the feature of adding lyrics manually,Apart from that, one of the features that I think I need is to delete the lyrics on a song where the lyrics already exist, whether they are default from the song or have been detected by the system,This is sometimes needed, for example when I download a Japanese song, but the song already has lyrics in Japanese characters, but I don't understand the script.Therefore I need replacement lyrics by deleting the lyrics and replacing them with Latin characters or the like that I understand.


That's all I can say, thank you

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There are future plans to support manual editing of embedded Lyrics via the Info/Tags editor screen (which current only supports major tags such as Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Year, etc). I don't know the timescale for adding that feature though.

There's nothing much that can be done about online sourced lyrics from third-party providers though as, like auto-downloaded cover artwork, they are only as reliable as the online search results.

In the meantime though, you can either use any decent tag editor app to correct the embedded content in files with which you have issues, or even simpler save your desired lyric text into a companion .LRC text file which will override any embedded content that you are not happy with - e.g. the Japanese text to which you referred - without having to alter the actual audio file.


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