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Cant get my license.

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Hello there. I can't get my license using the method described in the guide about restoring the purchase, because the purchase was made in 2012 and since then, of course, the mail has been cleaned more than once and the letter with the receipt has long been deleted. The only thing I have is the availability of this purchase on Google Play. There can be no question of any Order IDs since 2012. How do I get my license?



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If you made the purchase from the Google Play Store in the first place (even in 2012) you can still restore the licence on a new device as long as you are using the same Google account (gmail address) and have the Play Store installed.

However, I notice your IP address indicates that you are probably located within Russia, which is a location that Google now blocks for validating licence purchases (I'm sure you're aware of the political reasons). To get around this and restore your original purchase, please contact Poweramp Support who will be able to send you a special APK version of the unlocker which will allow proper validation via your Google account even within the RF. Email poweramp.maxmpz [at] gmail.com .


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