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Can anyone help me load up my music albums/folders on to Poweramp. Installing on the older version with Legacy option was easy (Which I still prefer) But now the player has updated for the life of me I do not know how to install on the latest version (Won't load Files) So does anyone know the last place to get Poweramp with Legacy  Thanks.

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Assuming your music files are already stored locally on your Android device - either in internal storages or on an SD Card - then you use PA Settings=>Library=>Music Folders to select and grant Android access permission for that location, and then PA will scan all of your music into its library database. See the Guide for more info:

On recent versions of Android, it's strong suggested the you use the native Android Storage Access Framework rather than trying to enable Legacy File Access Mode (if that option is even available on your device). The latter might still work for now, but will most likely break in future Android versions (13+).


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