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Has no output to bluetooth speakers

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PA is not playing through my BT speakers. I have tried other apps with the same speakers and they work fine and I have tried other BT speakers. Under settings/audio/output/audiotrack output Bluetooth is selected and my connect speakers are shown. I have done a restore settings in autiotrack output, DVC, and Output and Headset/Bluetooth. 

PA was working fine this morning but when I went to use during a workout it would not output to BT, just the phones speakers. When I insert the earbuds into my ears, PA will start playing over the phones speakers.

Please specify the following:

  • Poweramp build number build-957-bundle-play[957004-fc6ea6fb]) Full Version 64bit
  • Addons Poweramp Full Version Unlocker build-307
  • your device model Samsung Note 20 Ultra
  • your Android version: Android 13 One UI Version 5.1
  • your custom ROM :None
  • steps to reproduce It's continuous not a crash etc.


Log attatched


Poweramp Log.txt

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4 hours ago, andrewilley said:

What happens if you select a different Output method (OpenSL ES, AAudio, Hi-Res, etc) ? Has your RIOM updated recently? Try turning DVC off (or on).


Hi thanks for the assist. I tried all four output methods and flipped DVC on and tried again and then off with no success. 

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  • Solution

Solved! For whatever reason the "separate app sound" feature of my Samsung Galaxy was changed from bluetooth to phone. How this happened I have no idea as I was listening to google maps and music over BT driving to PT, then my earbuds walking into PT and only shut it off to check in and get setup. Then no music, I found an alert on my phone this morning showing that switched to phone and PA selected. You have to select the app and I would never listen to PA over the phone speakers. This is designed so you can have google maps or such come over the phone or other BT speakers while music plays on a separate BT device.

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