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Allow exporting only selected playlists and/or choose to overwrite/ignore duplicates (existing playlists with same name)

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I frequently add new albums to my SD card inside folders, and generate playlists out of these folders (or sometimes group of folders if I want a playlist that covers a certain genre for example). Sometimes, I also update a playlist by adding extra folders (esp. for broad playlists like "Remixes" or by genre like "Metal"). Then, I export the playlist into readable format for my Alarm apps (.m3u, etc.) from the settings. I have tested my music apps and Poweramp is the first one to allow me to do this so fast and with any folder on my SD card.

However, I noticed that I can only export all my playlists at once. This means there is a lot of redundancy every time I add a new playlist, and the app auto-resolves all playlist file conflicts with a numerical suffix rename (adding "(2)", "(3)", etc.).

To solve this, the following features would help:

1. Select specific playlists to export. This way I would just pick the new playlists I just added and there would be no conflicts. Bonus points if you can sort the playlists by creation date so I can easily pick the last ones. This doesn't solve the issue for updated playlists though.

2. Allow user to choose behaviour on conflict when exporting playlists (selected ones or all, as currently), besides Rename: Ignore would be fitting most of the time when playlists have not changed to avoid creating an unnecessary duplicate "MyPlaylist (2).m3u", while Overwrite/Replace would be useful after updating a playlist (generally adding new tracks).

Finally, 1 and 2 could be combined so I can batch export just the new playlist, and modified playlists using Overwrite, but without Overwriting existing playlists unnecessarily.

Note: this is not a duplicate of 

as my suggestion is about exporting playlists.

I had a look at 

for similar suggestions, but they are different, although useful and complementary. For instance, Smart/Dynamic playlists:

would allow me to autogenerate album playlists directly from folders, making my work even easier inside Poweramp; however, when exporting playlists to portable format, I would still have the conflict rename issue.

The thread also mentioned Music Playlist Manager which would also solve the issue since it seems to be able to create playlists from folders, and directly in portable format, so I assume it must have some ways to solve conflicts with Ignore, Overwrite, etc. but I have to test it. Reversely, I'd need to import playlists into Poweramp afterwards, but since I use my Alarm app much more than Poweramp directly, it shouldn't be an issue.

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I agree this could be a useful feature. I too often want to just export one playlist for testing or transferring purposes, but end up with multiple (1), (2), (3) etc files of all of them instead.

I would suggest the current 'Export' item within the Playlists menu be replaced with a new icon in the panel generated when you long-press on a Playlist (probably located next to 'Share'). You could then export just that one playlist, or several playlists by selecting multiple items from the list, or everything by tapping on 'All'. 


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