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Allow tracks grouping in the 'album tracklist' view

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One great feature I would like to see in Poweramp would be the possibility to show the group in which each track belongs to.

As an example, the MusicBee application for Windows allows tracks to be put into groups, based on the CONTENTGROUP tag in the metadata. As for now, Poweramp completely ignores this tag.


Example for one of my albums where tracks 1 to 4 have the "Cello Concerto (2021 Revision)" group and tracks 5 to 7 have the "Three Pieces from Schindler's List" group:


The streaming service Qobuz has a similar feature (here https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/album/a-gathering-of-friends-john-williams-yo-yo-ma-new-york-philharmonic/af72fsapf143b):


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I would guess the "Medley" on side 2 of the Abbey Road album starting with "You Never Give Me Your Money" (some consider "Because" as the start) and ends with "The End" (or "Her Majesty") would be like your CONTENTGROUP. For that I just create a M3U playlist and name it accordingly.

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