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Cannot SCAN my MP3 Files from Micro SD Card (Android 11) using 30-Dat Trial Poweramp EQUALIZER 2020-2022 Maksim Petrov (Max MP)


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I have MP3 Music on my micro SD Card in my Android and I just downloaded 30-day TRIAL VERSION of Poweramp. I followed all your steps in Settings, but it doesn't show "Library" (including Audio, Background and Album Art) in it. Do I have to BUY the App first before it allows me to scan my Micro SD Card for MP3 Music? Somebody told me I shouldn't need to purchase the app first, but should be able to SCAN my Micro SD for MP3 Music even during trial.

I do not know if this version of Poweramp I downloaded is legitimate from you. Would you please help or RECOMMEND somethings else that would work on my OLD ANDROID 11?


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You mention in the subject line that you have downloaded the Poweramp EQUALIZER app. This is not a music player, it is a stand-alone EQ module designed to let you adjust the sound quality of any media/audio that is being played via apps on your Android device.

The Poweramp Music Player app (which does not need the extra EQ module by the way, as that functionality is already built in) can be downloaded as a Trial version from the Play Store, or directly from the website here if you prefer. It works on any version of Android from 5 onward. This article should help you with downloading and get started with Poweramp (including official download links):

If you are happy with the Trial version (which is fully functional for the trial period) you can then buy a permanent licence if you wish.


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