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Don't shuffle a specific folder

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First, make sure you have enabled Settings=>Library=>Shuffle=>'Shuffle All Songs in Folder Hierarchy'.

Then using the 'Folders Hierarchy' Library Category, open your 'Music' folder and tap the 'Shuffle' icon at the top/left. You will then hear random songs chosen from anywhere in any subfolder (without any grouping by subfolder first).

Alternatively, to listen to your comedy content in normal order, open the 'Comedy' folder and tap the 'Play' icon in the top/left. You will hear each track in order, played sequentuially subfolder by subfolder. Or if you want to start with a particular subfolder, open that subfolder first before you tap 'Play'. Or just tap on an individual track that you want to listen to first. Note: make sure that 'Repeat' on the Player Screen is set to 'Advance Category', otherwise playback will stop at the end of the initial subfolder rather than going on to the next subfolder.


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