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changing the visual seek bar back to other view

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19 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

It's in Settings=>Look and Feel=>Skin=>Seekbar Style.


Thank you!!! 

I think it's because of my dark theme, I genuinely thought the word "skin" was a header for that page and not an option! I went through the option multiple times over the last few weeks until I just accepted fate haha.

I turned on another option that makes use of extra space on phone screen, that's neat as well.


I have been using android auto interface and slowly getting used to that as well, it's well put together as well. 

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5 hours ago, andrewilley said:

@Sharif-4 Another little tip, Settings has a Search function at the top of the screen, so searching for "seekbar" would also have found it for you.


That's an awesome tip! Believe it or not I remembered what that was called when I had to google keywords till I got the right one for this post haha

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