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  1. Stock samsung launcher here, if I change tracks using the widget it works perfectly fine. Common scenario this issue occurs, song playing in the background, phone is now locked, songs have changed to something else, open up phone, look at homescreen, current song play is different from the one on the widget, tap widget to get into Poweramp, come back to home screen, widget showing correct track now. Note, the information on the lockscreen is fine, which is why even though it's been there for over an year, it didn't ever bother me, just made me wonder what's going on in the background for it to not update itself. I can provide logs if needed, just tell me where I should send them Edit I just tried the own scenario I mentioned, put the track at end so it changes by the time I have phone locked, but it updated itself when I unlocked and checked lol Not entirely sure how to create it, but that's usually when it happens, but it didn't happen when I try to recreate it.
  2. I didn't know there were other ones available, these are the ones from my home screen listed under the Poweramp ones, it's the 2*2 one, but expanded to fit my upper part of my screen. I haven't tried the other ones recently, if I remember correctly the more pancake 1*2 kind (Don't remember the actual size) on my LG G6 had an issue as well. My current phone is the s10e.
  3. I tried removing the widget and putting it back from options, issue remains. With that said I also cleared the cache and not app data before I added the widget again, in fear of all the settings needed to be readjusted
  4. On the beta version I updated to, still got the album art, and song info on the widget not updating automatically as the song changes. Is that normal?
  5. I already installed that, and turned on auto update in the settings too. Believe that's new
  6. Thank you! Loved the the app when I first discovered it, still love it! It just occurred to me, I have been using the app thinking I am getting automatic updates from the playstore, only to realise now I actually haven't updated since who knows how long o.o, that probably explains the album art issue.
  7. I noticed the album art on the widget doesn't update sometimes and will upnp casting be supported at some point? That is the only reason I have a second media player app on my phone to serve that function. Casting to a media server (A foober media server in particular)
  8. Perhaps the version of the google assistant on android 9 doesn't do that. Either way, thanks for the great app, have a good day
  9. I just gave it a go, it does work, is there a way to set it as the default player? Edit I was thinking about more deeper functions, such as turn tone off in power amp or turn limit on
  10. On my android phone (LG G6) I can't seem to get PA to be the default music player, it doesn't show up in the options
  11. Out of curiosity, would PA get full support for google assistant, I tend to use that at times and it just feels dated whenever I tell to play xyz song on PA and remember it doesn't support it
  12. I just want to clarify. Currently is it possible to cast to a DLNA device, in my case my my laptop running foobar which is running a media server? As the cast option does not show up, I verified with my stock LG app that foobar's media server is working
  13. Few years down the road now, loving the new v3 but the support for DLNA streaming seems to be still not present. I keep having to go back to my LG music app that supports it
  14. Something weird happened today, it worked for a split second and didn't anymore
  15. I have been using drivemode and Poweramp for a good while now. I only recently found out Poweramp updates didn't really stop in 2014 as playstore states, I really thought development stopped and was just devastated, only to google it to find out it's the complete opposite! Super relief! After updating it I opened drivemode to check if it's working as usual and it's not. Basically it allows me to skip tracks or pause from drivemode's interface. It used to be in the list of supported apps in Drivemode but they told me it was dropped when I got in touch with them but I wasn't too worried as it was working fine anyway until I updated. I would really appreciate if it starts working again!
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