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Hi, I have a feature request:

Convolution is a very powerful tool that is used for equalization purposes, and also other types of effects. As Jaakko Pasanen writes in his AutoEQ explainer: "Convolution equalizer is the most powerful type of equalizer software. These equalizers allow extremely precise control over the frequency response and the results are the same on all devices and platforms when using the same FIR filter."

I would love to see a convolver implimented in the way it is done on RootlessJamesDSP or Viper4Android. It would essentially let the user do any kind of processing they want, including crossfeed (for which I use it with True Stereo wav-IR's), without the developer having to add loads of other features. This would it be possible for users to listen to music through different types of binaural and surround sound algorithms, or add reverb or tube like distortion, apart from using it as an EQ. It would be amazing if it were an option in Poweramp EQ! :)

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Adding my vote.

Based on the description of the block size, it seems like Poweramp EQ is already using convolution under the covers anyway, so hopefully it wouldn't be too terribly difficult to implement a very basic version of this feature. I expect the hardest part would be designing/implementing the UI for it.

It might be necessary to bundle multiple sample rates of convolution files together as a set for users who don't stick to a single sample rate for whatever reason. Or at least provide the ability to resample the convolution like JamesDSP does.

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