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Poweramp Feature Requests

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去除人声的播放 和 去除伴奏只保留人声的播放控制器功能,







参考neutron player啦,好看但没有它好用,我是指音质没它好,主要是neutron很细节,在音质调节功能上。希望poweramp能越来越好,多搞一下音质吧,尤其是请务必要搞一下绕过安卓src,这很重要


[Goole Translation as this is an English language forum --- Admin]

I hope to add some functions to the built-in eq page:

For example, add the function of "up and down adjustment" and place it next to "variable speed",

Remove the playback of the human voice and remove the accompaniment and only keep the playback controller function of the human voice,

Clipped subwoofer protection speaker function (from neutron player),

High frequency noise removal function;

Spectrum display function (that is, the kind of chart that directly views the frequency of the audio file, like AU);

The final output frequency of poweramp's audio is not displayed correctly. I hope to optimize the implementation method, and the frequency of the file itself and the frequency during playback should be displayed together, so don't make false labels;

The spectrum display stand can be replaced on the cover, mainly for the convenience of observing audio information


Refer to neutron player, it looks good but it is not as easy to use, I mean the sound quality is not as good as it, mainly because neutron is very detailed in the sound quality adjustment function. I hope poweramp will get better and better, please improve the sound quality, especially please make sure to bypass the Android src, this is very important

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