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How to handle Foreign language playlists

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I need help to create playlists that contain titles, artists, folders and songs that are created in French and that are frequently very long.

I create them on my PC and verify that I can play the playlist on the PC using Foobar2000. A line from a .m3u playlist for Example:

F:\Music on OP7PRO\Erik Satie\Aldo Ciccolini\L'Oeuvre pour piano v1 & v2 D1\Gymnopédies (3), for piano- No 1, Lent et douloureux.wma

I can then change the path to reflect the Android path, using Notepad++.

Device storage/Music/Erik Satie/Aldo Ciccolini/L'Oeuvre pour piano v1 & v2 D1/Gymnopédies (3), for piano- No 1, Lent et douloureux.wma

When I try to play the playlist on my phone, PA shows a question mark over each letter it cannot recognize and then file does not play. Other files in the playlist will play satisfactorily.

Does PA have a setting to recognize this European text? Should I look for a PC app to clean up the text?

What limitations exist to the length of each line in a playlist on PA?  I have encountered length issues when I copy certain music files, onto the Android. How should I deal with long playlist lines?

I recently discovered Poweramp and I am really impressed. Thank you for the great product.

Phone: OnePlus7Pro

Android: Version 12

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Make sure you use Unicode (UTF-8) encoding for the text of your playlists, and preferably with an M3U8 filename extension instrad of M3U to indicate the same. Plain 8-bit ASCII text may not be compatible between Windows directory\filenames and Android's Unicode naming.

There is no need to change the root paths, or edit "\" to "/", as Poweramp will adjust for those automatically.


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