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Undesirable fade in at the tracks coming from pause mode and during automatic play


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first of all, sorry for my english


Poweramp build number: 948-957

Device model: Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Android version: Android 13

Custom ROM name/version (if you're on custom ROM): One UI 5.1

Steps to reproduce:

1. play a folder with some tracks
2. play it normally, so without doing anything, when track 1 ends, track 2 starts etc, or, play manually the track coming from pause
3. when the n (n = 1 to infinite) + 1 track starts it has a little pause, even having selected "Sin desvanecer" (no fading in spanish) in the "Fundido al cambiar de pista automáticamente" (no fading when chanching track automatically)
4. If you play change manually from track while previous/after track is playing, the problem does not occurs.

PD: log send via email at 23/04/2023 20:34 with UTC + 2




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