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App is nearly completely broken since most recent build.


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  • Build: 957 (I'm in beta if that makes a difference)
  • Samsung XCover6 Pro
  • Android 13 (One UI 5)
  • Use it, scan for songs, open songs, half of it's broken.

In detail:

I tried to add some songs recently and rescan my SD card and they didn't showup, I could open them from the file browser on the phone and they'd play but the tags wouldn't show up properly (The tags are checked and are fine, it's an issue with Poweramp displaying basic stuff like format, artist, length, etc.)

Since then I have done multiple clean installs, on beta and non beta, I don't quite know how to rollback but I will if I find it to see if that fixes it.

But from there, it's not reading about a thousand songs after clean installing and putting the songs on the SD card again from my computer, the ones it DOES read are only accessible in All Songs section. Folders and Folder Hierarchy do not show up. I did the Special Access thing and toggled external storage access for all files on and off, didn't fix it. Multiple restarts, rescans, and It's not picking up anything it should be.

Nothing is showing up in any of the extra categories like Artists or anything either, literally only All Songs shows stuff.

I've been using Poweramp for about 5 years and this is the first app-breaking bug I've had. Worst case I'll rollback to android 12, or figure out how to roll this back.

Edit: I have over 30,000 songs (Mostly flac but maybe a few thousand in lossy formats) if that matters at all.

Edit2: I have since downloaded the 945 build and it is scanning the songs properly now, still missing a thousand or so but I assume that's a setting or something (the files are confirmed as being on the sd card) so it is almost assuredly the new build that broke it for me. If you need anything from me to figure this out I'll give it.

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