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OneDrive would need to make its local (offline) storage folder / cache publicly readable by other apps, which as far as I know it still does not. If it did, you could simply Enable that folder in Poweramp's Music Folders selection screen.


What you could do is to use an Android app like FolderSync to periodically synchronise your music files and subfolders from your online OneDrive account to a local storage folder on your Android device or SD Card. Then you could access that new local folder as a Music Folder in Poweramp. You can set the sync mode to be one-way, or bidirectional if you'd like to reflect any changes that you make on your Android device back into your master files on OneDrive. This process would be instead of telling OneDrive to make your music files available offline, as you don't want all of your online content to be copied to your Android device twice! Obviously you'd need enough local storage on your Android device to hold all of your music files, and it would probably be worth doing at least the initial sync via wi-fi only.


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