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Return to same spot/view in library

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This frequently drives me mad. Say I’m in the library building a playlist. And a song comes on I wanna skip or anything really and I switch over to the now playing view. When I go back to the library I have to start all over from the beginning and re find where I left off. It seems so basic that library would remember where you were last looking instead of always restarting the process at A. iPods figured this out in like 2007. Is there a setting for this I’m missing?

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I agree it would be a nice to be able to return to the last-viewed category - and for long lists such as All-Songs, to the position you were looking at.

Perhaps a tickable option in the main Library 'List Options' menu for "remember last-viewed location" so when you press on the Library icon you would be taken to exactly where you last  left off? You've always got the existing long-press functionality to go back to the top level when you need to.


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