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I would like to see the number of times the music has been played in the music list!

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Display the number of times a song has been played on the song list screen!
It would be very useful to have the play count displayed here to find a song you haven't heard at all or to play from the rest of an album!

For example, an image like this



Please do!

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Play Count is perhaps a pretty esoteric database item to clutter up the meta info line with a very specific option - especially for smaller screens than yours - but it would fit very nicely into an existing regularly requested feature to allow editing of the Title, Artist-Album, and metadata note strings for both the list views and player screen:

  • User-defined Title and Artist/Album text fields (customise the two lines of information in lists and Player screen using %tagname% formatting). Also allow similar customisation of metadata notes in lists. [ LINK ]

So in your case, you'd customise the meta info formatting string to add a playcount field at the end, for example:

      [%disc% / ][%track% | ]%duration% %fileformat%  Playcount: %playcount%

(the square brackets would indicate to only display the contents if the enclosed tag is populated, in this case to avoid "Disc# /" and "Track# |" being displayed as zeros if they don't exist).

You can already sort by play count by the way, so for example if you set the 'All Songs' category to be sorted 'By Play Count' (Reversed) you'd see all the unplayed songs at the start of the list, followed by stuff that has only been played once, etc.


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Thank you!
Tell me one thing.
I found the (Album Artist Label for Tracks) and (Album Artist Label for Album Artist Tracks) you told me about!
But I can't find the text field to enter it anywhere!

[%disc% / ][%track% | ]%duration% %fileformat% Playcount: %playcount%
Where should I enter this?
Please tell me the location!



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It is a fairly frequent request - admittedly more for the Title and Artist-Album lines than for metadata info - but although the basic task of creating user-specified %formatting% strings in the List Options menus probably wouldn't be too hard, I'm sure there are lots of complications around other more ad hoc options that have built up organically over the years.

Just off the top of my head, the functionality of all of the following existing features would need to be replaced by master global, and also individual Category-specific, %formatting% strings in any new system. And then tested to ensure that all these existing user-settings are transparently ported over into new customisable layouts during the first installation/activation of the new system:

  • Settings=>Library=>Lists=>Show Track Number
  • Settings=>Library=>Lists=>Show Disc
  • Settings=>Library=>Lists=>Filename as Title
  • Settings=>Library=>Lists=>Album Artist for Tracks
  • Settings=>Library=>Lists=>Album Artist for Albums
  • Settings=>Library=>Lists=>Album Artist for Album Artist Tracks
  • Settings=>Library=>Lists=>Hide Unknown Album


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