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Cant add lyrics to song in Poweramp 956 even though I have downloaded the lrc file.


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First, please make sure the .LRC file has exactly the same base filename as the audio file that it corresponds to. Ideally in the same folder too, although PA can match up from elsewhere too. Make sure 'Scan LRC Files' is enabled in the settings menu.

Second, if this file contains synced lyrics, make sure that the extra header information normally found at the start of the file exactly matches with the song's tag details (e.g. Title, Artist, and duration). LRC files are plain text, so you can examine them in a text editor.

Some of the most comment items:

[ti:Song Title]
[ar:Song Artist]
[length:How long the song is]
[offset:+/- Overall timestamp adjustment in milliseconds. - makes the words show earlier, + delays them]

If you're not sure of any, just delete all of the extra header items as PA will still show the lyrics regardless if there's nothing there to validate against. You may need to do a quick rescan in PA to pick up any changes after editing the file.


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