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Poweramp not remembering playback position when using Android Auto

King Mustard
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There are several ways to set the Store/Restore Per Track Progress option, I assume you are referring to the global setting in PA Settings=>Library ?

The saving of the last-played position is actually automatic - it will happen anyway, regardless of whether you also have the 'restore' option turned on or not. The Restore option merely controls whether that previously-saved location is returned to when you next play the same track.

What threshold value have you set for 'Track Duration', is it sufficient to be trigged by the length of the tracks you are playing? Does it work as expected in regular phone playback, but not when listening in Android Auto? I've just tested it in AA with the threshold value set to 1 minute (so basically every track that has ever been played should be restored) and it seems to work perfectly as I skipped back and forth through the tracks in several Albums and Folders.


Note: There are also Per Folder and Per Playlist versions of this Restore function. If it's those that you are referring to, then they only act to restore the position when playback is started within those specific folders or playlists.

Could you describe in precise steps how to replicate the problem you are seeing?


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