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Does not work Sony Xperia 10 Android 13


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'Download' should be avoided as it is a system folder and Google is getting very protective over access to them, Android 13 will not allow it outside of using File Access Legacy Mode. Music is also a system folder with certain restrictions (e.g. you can't place a .nomedia file in there) but it should still work.

Personally I would suggest creating your own 'My Music' (or similar) folder which you can do what you like with, and put all your audio files into subfolders in there.


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@HueyiN Because it is. Ask Google, it's their operating system and their rules. You also can't allow access to the whole top level of SD Cards either. I suspect restrictions will only get harsher with each new Android release too, and sooner or later Legacy Access will get blocked altogether and we'll have to work with Google's Storage Access Framework only.

Hence my suggestion to use your own folder, you've got proper control that way.


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54 minutes ago, HueyiN said:

at least you should report a complaint about that to google

What about, that's their policy?

It is possible access more system folders if an app is given All Files access, but Google would probably not allow that sort of over-arching permission for a music player (it's more for File Explorers, Backup apps, that sort of thing).

As I said though, the easiest solution is to manage your music files sensibly and create a suitable folder for them.

Max discussed this (in relation to another issue) recently:


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