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Lyric feature requests

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Hope these features are available in the future.
About lyric: Add Delay button and Quickness button. Because when watching subtitles or karaoke, the lyrics need to appear a little before the music if synchronized correctly. These 2 buttons are permanently assigned to that song.  Add default button to return to default.
Add a motion effect to the highlighted lyric row (like the gif below). Look less surprised when new lyrics appear.
The album image still has the status of not being found from the internet. After a day or two it works.


Vertical Scrolling.gif


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Delay is something that can be built-in to the actual lyrics information. There is an ID line which can be included as part of the synced lyrics text in the form [offset:nnnn] which allows you to shift all of the provided lyrics forward or backward a little. It was originally intended to cope with cases where a file has a different introduction length (perhaps a longer lead-in silence) to the one used to create the timecodes, but it also could be used to force the words to appear earlier (or later) than the timecodes indicate. The offset number is quoted in milliseconds, and can be preceded by a minus sign to indicate the text should appear sooner rather than later.

If the lyrics are provided as a separate LRC file, it would be trivial to add an offset line using a text editor. If the words are embedded into the audio file itself, you'd need to use a tag editor program as PA's tag editing feature does not currently support editing Lyric tags (although that is planned for some future release).


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Thanks for answering.

I know how to edit the time in the file or in the .lrc file. But all of that is annoying and laborious. I mean, just need the app to integrate buttons, when needed, one touch is done. Editing lyrics is quite laborious. And that's just a suggestion.

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Personally, if some of your files are not correctly timecoded, or you don't want to see lyrics displayed as per the supplied timecodes, it doesn't really seem to be something that a music player should be changing on a saved per-song basis. It's definitely more of a case of editing the files to make them correct in the first place - which as I said, will be possible in a future release of PA, when Lyric tag editing becomes available so you can add an [offset] field.


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