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Material You Colours

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@maxmp I actually have an idea of the new function which is the Material You ColorsScreenshot_2023-02-06-18-07-42-471_com.maxmpz.audioplayer.thumb.jpg.6b070a9393e91f75e179ace262471990.jpg

  See , the MU color did really well in PA, but in the Main Screen in the app, I think it's not really perfect for every situation. I think you might think about that too.

  Anyway, I'll still do some explanations, as you can see, the MU color is taken from my phone wallpaper, and it's nearly Yellow. So if I start a song with an album art is close to my real-time MU color, the display is really perfect.Screenshot_2023-02-06-18-12-23-966_com.maxmpz.audioplayer.thumb.jpg.61af587d5ba63ca5cd4b59367e0b8848.jpg

  But If I switch to a song with a different album art color, it's just not good enough.Screenshot_2023-02-06-18-43-40-753_com.maxmpz.audioplayer.thumb.jpg.01cdb5f7d0cd443346b8a11256abc523.jpg

  So I wonder the thoughts of yours, and I'm really looking forward to some changes, If the MU Color can somehow be taken from the track is Now playing, will that be even better? Or it is possible to do?


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@Loweaul thanks for the request. Actually, cover-based colors for main screen is somewhat quite often requested and already a planned feature. In Poweramp it's a bit more complicated as it have to properly and smoothly animate all these colors back and forth to/from lists (where we want some fixed color for all tracks), but doable and that will be available for 3rd party skins.

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