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Somehow all my Poweramp playlists got deleted

Katerina Mitika

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Hi everyone! I have just realised that all my Poweramp playlists have been erased. I have done nothing in order to delete them, and the Android folder that they get saved into is checked in Settings>Library>Music Folders.

One thing that I suspect having done the damage is my phone constantly crashing the last two days, "killing" Poweramp.

Any help to retrieve my Playlists is appreciated, thank you in advance!

I'm using POCO F3 running MIUI 13.0.9 on Android 12. Poweramp build number is build-950-bundle-play [950004-ff27cb40]

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Are these file-based playlists (M3U, etc?) or internally created within Poweramp?

Can you still see the names of the playlists and/or song names (but unplayable), or have even the titles disappeared? If file-based, have the files themselves been deleted from your storage folder, or are the files still showing in a file explorer but the contents are missing (e.g. file is zero bytes long)

Do you have a Poweramp Settings Backup, as that can contain backups of your playlists too.


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