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Enabling 24-bit RGB covers make them look blurry

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I have noticed a weird behaviour after enabling the "Use 24-bit RGB" album arts: some covers get blurry, which should not happen.

Here are two screenshots, before and after enabling the option:



I tried to delete the cache after enabling the option but it didn't change anything.

I'm attaching the original image file I use for the album (it is located inside the album folder and named as "folder.jpg").

Some useful information:

- Poweramp build number: build-949-bundle-play

Device model: Samsung Galaxy S10+

- Android version: Android 12


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@Chewy thanks for the detailed report and sample image. Yes, I can reproduce issue - sometimes image has slightly degraded quality. From the quick investigation this is related to the hardware textures Poweramp uses - in some conditions Samsung GPU/driver seems to "optimize" those, I guess, due to some constraint on system + it thinks it's not noticeable to the eye. I will try to find some solution to improve this still keeping hardware textures (these take 2x less space so we can cache more images in the memory).

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