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Playlist woes

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Poweramp Ver: 945004-2d535bbf Full Version 64 bit
Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
Android Version: 12

If I try to shuffle from either my playlist, or a sub folder on my phone's external SD card (Where all my music is stored, and the only folder scanned), it will play 4-5 songs in that folder, then dip out into other folders. I usually play from the Folder Hierarchy, or from playlists. I haven't tried not shuffling yet. 

I've tried every shuffle option on the screen (as in, the shuffle icon with various dots underneath), and haven't found a way to stop this. 

It's been going on for a few weeks, and is slowly driving me mad. Am I missing some sort of setting? Did I inadvertently flip a toggle somewhere? Or is this a new thing from an update that I need to address? 

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7 hours ago, andrewilley said:

You don't have anything that's still unplayed in the temporary Queue do you? That could cause what you are experiencing. Go to Library=>Queue and use (menu)=>Clear Queue


That was it! Thanks! I don't normally add anything to the queue, so it was a flub on my part. 

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