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No phone calls


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I didn't include technical details because I know this is a setting I messed up. I have the latest version of Poweramp in the playstore. I have a Galaxy S 20+ 5G with the 13 update. I also have a 2014 Toyota Corola LE. It has a factory Bluetooth stereo. Everything is perfect except for phone calls coming in. I can do hands free outbound calls and receive inbound texts. Inbound calls it just picks up hangs up. The music doesn't even pause or skip. The S 20+ shows nothing, but that is what it's supposed to do when running through the car. I have screwed up a setting somewhere. It wasn't on purpose, that's why I can't find it. As far as I know all I did was pair the Bluetooth and set the EQ to my liking in the car. I can tell you it makes that factory stereo sound like a whole lot more than a factory stereo. 

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