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I would like to thank you for this masterpiece but it lacks the following features

1) The ability to share the song on applications that support this, such as WhatsApp

2) The ability to set the song as a ringtone

3) The ability to cut a part of the song and keep it as a new song

4) The ability to manually add song lyrics as text

5) The possibility of repeating part of the song via the A B option

I hope you take my opinion into consideration

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1) Long-press on a song title in any list and select 'Share'. You can then share an audio file that you own with a friend using any file-compatible Android app (email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc).

2) This feature was available in Poweramp v2 seven years ago, but has never been implemented in v3 as it is more of an operating system function rather than the responsibility of a music player. It would probably require extra permissions now too.

3) As with (2), Poweramp is a music player, not an audio editing app. There are tons of those around in the Play Store though.

4) Improved lyric support will be available in the next release of Poweramp, including support for external LRC files (which can be created/edited in a text editor) and synchronised lyrics display.

5) A-B Repeat is a very long-standing request but it hasn't made it into the app as yet. See the Frequently Requested Features list for links to existing threads on this subject if you'd like to comment on them.


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